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Select Cable Type
Select Cable Type

Tap on the cable type to be used. The calculator covers PVC cables, XLPE and 110 degree cables  For more information on these cables consult AS3008

NEW  We have now added extra calculators requested through feedback from our users. These calculators cover approximate maximum unsheathed single cables in all conduit sizes and approximate motor current to save time on the job. These values are approximate due to variations between different manufacturers. We welcome your suggestions for other calculators for future versions, so tap here to contact us.
You can also access this web page from the app by tapping on the 'info' button on the top right hand side.


Section title here
Section title here

 Select the installed condition for the cable- descriptions and graphics cover situations that are familiar to all users of AS3008. Due to space constraints on the iPhone, some descriptions have been abbreviated.
Enc. - Enclosed in wiring enclosure such as conduit, duct etc.
Unenc. - Unenclosed 
Thermal Ins.- Thermal insulation such as ceiling batts.

Final Calculations page
Final Calculations page

The final page is the calculation page.
Cable sizes can be selected from 1.0mm2 to 630mm2. 

The app now covers the newer Flexible Copper cables in addition to standard Copper and Aluminium cables. Once again, these additions are due to requests from users, so please provide positive feedback and contact us if you have any ideas for changes.

The Current capacity is recalculated each time the cable size or conductor type is changed. 
Any '0' values indicate that AS3008 does not list values for that cable installed in the selected condition.

In Ver 1.2 (due out end Sept 2013) the minimum earth cable size is given for each cable size. 
Derating Factors.
All white boxes can be changed from the default values by tapping on the box and editing the values.

We have now included an auto calculator for the most common derating factors. (Version 1.2 due out end Sept) or the value can be manually inserted.
If a derating factor is inserted then the current capacity is automatically adjusted accordingly. 

Voltage drop.
All the values in the white boxes can be manually changed to suit the situation. The current in Amps is by default the same as the Current capacity, but can be changed to suit the actual maximum demand or circuit protection rating.

In ver 1.2 (due out end Sept) these changed values can remain locked in. This alows you to go back and change cable types and sizes to easily find the correct ones to suit your situation. Clicking the reset button will change the user entered vaues back to the default values.
Voltage drop percent value changes to yellow at above 5% and to red above 10% to alert the user to high values.
The previously selected cable type and installation condition are listed at the top of the page so that a record can be kept by taking a screen shot of the device. 
Hint: To take a screen shot on the iPad or iPhone, push both the home (bottom) and sleep (top) button at the same time. 

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